Team Building Expeditions

Volcano crossing: Hiking - 2 days/ 3 days optional - Easy

Our program is based in leadership and teambuilding activities, to be carried out mainly through the natural tasks that must be undertaken to achieve the success of the expedition plus some Andes Explora ingredients, that strengthen group virtues as group cohesion, effective communication, teamwork, and leadership.


In ANDES EXPLORA, we have found that wild areas are excellent places to strengthen human relations; leadership, and teamwork. The situations are real and the feedback is immediate.

Teams will be able to plan and lead their peers on a successful wilderness trip. These skills learned in the wilderness will be transferred to the daily work in all kinds of endeavors.


Human relationships are the key to successful Team Work and better efficiency. Nature creates the perfect environment to share and listen, to talk, and know better each other while we learn to work with our team.


Every member of the trip will take a positive and proactive attitude to lead the trip to a successful finish


In Andes Explora we think people must love what they do. We encourage teams to live their jobs with passion.

Join us to live a great experience with your team working in a wonderful place in the south of Chile. The adventure begins at Blanca Lagoon, with a great view of the Tolhuaca volcano. We will cross the Lonquimay volcano until we reach the Malalcahuello National Reserve. Option to increase the activity to 3 days.

Highlights: Blanca Lagoon / Hiking between volcanoes / Hiking with snowshoes / Millennial Forest of Araucarias / Logistical support with snowmobiles


Chile / Araucania District / Malalcahuello



Duration of the tour

Day 1: 7 km (4.3 miles) Hiking Day 2: 7 km (4.3 miles) Hiking Day 3: Return to Santiago

Transportation time

Temuco Airport - Blanca Lagoon: 2.5 hours / Malalcahuello - Temuco Airport: 2 hours


June to October


The physical and medical condition must be compatible with activity (When in doubt, please ask)


Day 1: Blanca Lagoon - Camp in the forest

Once we arrive from the airport of Temuco to the Blanca lagoon, we will give a safety talk and enjoy for a while the wonderful scenery, with a beautiful view of the Tolhuaca volcano. After this we will start the hiking to the place where we will camp, at the foot of the Lonquimay volcano, where you will have to build the camp, putting your teamwork to the test.

Day 2: Camp - National Reserve Malalcahuello - Lunch and Malalcahuello Hot Springs - Return to Santiago

Hiking from the camp to the Malalcahuello National Reserve, where we will arrive at a ski resort. We will rest to later have lunch. In the afternoon we will go to Malalcahuello Hot Springs. Finally, transfer to the airport.

Day 2 Optional: Camp - National Reserve Malalcahuello - Hotel - Malalcahuello Hot Springs - Barbecue

Hiking from the camp to the Malalcahuello National Reserve, where we will arrive at a ski resort. We will rest and have lunch. Check-in at the Hotel. Once ready we will go to the Malalcahuello Hot Springs. Finally, the activity will be closed with a delicious barbecue, to share, relax, and comment on the experience.

Day 3: Return to Santiago

What's included

Private transportation from Temuco airport - Blanca lagoon / Malalcahuello - Temuco Airport

  • 1 guide each 5 clients
  • All the foods and snack during the activities
  • Complete camping equipment (plus dome)
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping pad
  • Malalcahuello Hot Spring Fee
  • Outdoor certificate coacher
  • Logistic support with snowmobiles
  • First aid kit
  • VHF radio and Satellite phone

What's not included

  • Flight from Santiago to Temuco (We can include the flight ticket by altering the price of the package)
  • Personal Clothing (Please check "Gear")
  • Personal Insurance
  • In the 2 days package, lodging in hotel and roast is not included.