We are a passionate team who loves outdoor sports and live in contact with nature.

We invite you to live, the real meaning of “explore”. Our trips will take you, to discover the Chilean wonders, in our amazing geography. From the majestic of and unexplored fiords in the Patagonian Sea to the lakes, lagoons, and rivers which dress the leafy forest and spectacular valleys of the Andes and Coast Range. We invite you to find out our crazy landscapes; walking, paddling in kayaks, riding horses, skiing, or snowshoeing.

For Andes Explora, each person who gets to knows a new place is exploring and amazing. Our goal is to give a unique opportunity: the experience of living the wilderness, enjoying each detail of nature.

Andes Explora leads you to explore our backcountry, with an addressing focus in the experience of life you can learn in every adventure.

We hope our clients greatly enjoy the experience. The joy of the path, the present, the simple things: nature. We will provide you an unforgettable experience.

A leave no trace way travel, showing the details of our wilderness.

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