Team Building Expeditions

Kayaking in Chilean Fjords - North Patagonia: 3 Days - Easy

Our program is based in leadership and team-building activities, to be carried out mainly through the natural tasks that must be undertaken to achieve the success of the expedition plus some Andes Explora ingredients, that strengthen group virtues as group cohesion, effective communication, teamwork, and leadership.

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In ANDES EXPLORA, we have found that wild areas are excellent places to strengthen human relations; leadership, and teamwork. The situations are real and the feedback is immediate.

Teams will be able to plan and lead their peers on a successful wilderness trip. These skills learned in the wilderness will be transferred to the daily work in all kinds of endeavors.


Human relationships are the key to successful Team Work and better efficiency. Nature creates the perfect environment to share and listen, to talk, and know better each other while we learn to work with our team.


Every member of the trip will take a positive and proactive attitude to lead the trip to a successful finish


In Andes Explora we think people must love what they do. We encourage teams to live their jobs with passion.


We will use a support motorboat so we will try to push the team to give their best but the final time paddling will depend on the strength of the group.


3,5 hours of transportation on the car from Puerto Montt / Puerto Varas to the starting point. 2 to 3 hours of transportation by motorboat back to the mainland on day 3.


October to April


The physical and medical conditions must be compatible with activity (When in doubt, please ask). Know how to swim. Previous sea kayaking experience not required.


Day 0: Warming up

A welcome meeting in the hotel before departure day, where we will talk about the trip logistics explaining the route with Google Earth, equipment involved, tasks, and answer all kind of questions you may have.

Day 1: Cholgo - Comau Fjord - Quintupeu Fjord

Morning paddle to the south with views of the Volcanoes Yates (north) and Michimahuida (south). Beautiful and dense forest on the shores. Later we will go through the narrow entrance of the Quintupeu Fiord, where we will be amazed by waterfalls and huge granite walls covered in native forest. Camping at the end of the fiord.

Possibilities of fly fishing by the river (fishing gear not included).

Day 2: Quintupeu Fjord - Cahuelmo Fjord - Pioneers Farm

Morning exit of the Quintupeu fjord through the opposite shore, with different waterfalls and natures surprises. Probably some dolphins will swim on our sides. We┬┤ll get back to the Comau Fiord and then we will enter the Cahuelmo Fiord, which will impress us with its massive granite walls and the idyllic hot springs that will wait for us by the shore at the end of the fjord. This fjord also stands out by the wide variety of its birds (eg. cormorants, king fisherman...).

After a nice bath on hot-springs, we will take the motorboat to Pioneers farm where they will have typical food for us and a nice fire.

Day 3: Return Day

Return from Porcelana Chica to Cholgo lasts 3 hours by boat. Very scenic trip with a different perspective than a kayak.


This activity could include paddling in windy conditions as well as choppy water, driving by land roads with projections, sudden changes of weather, paddle under the strong sun.

Schedule may change due to worsening in the weather.

Departure hours do depend on ocean tides, so an early wake up is possible.

Guides have the last call in critical decisions and required the cooperation of every client.

Paddling hours are estimates based on the average client and will depend on the strength of the group and the climate conditions.

What's included

  • Certified outdoor coacher
  • Private transportation from Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt.
  • Complete sea kayak gear: kayak, paddle, life jacket, dry bags, spray skirt, bilge pump
  • 2 Guides trained in sea kayaking and with first aid
  • Every breakfast, snack, and meal needed during the trip.
  • Lamb on a stick or "curanto al hoyo" in Porcelana Chica
  • Smoked Salmon (or other local food) in Porcelana Chica
  • Return boat transportation from Porcelana Chica to Cholgo
  • Park, hot spring, geysers, and camp fees.
  • First aid kit
  • VHF Radio and Satellite Phone

What's not included

  • Transport to Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt
  • Personal Clothing (Please check "Gear")
  • Personal Insurance
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping pad (rental available)