Our outdoor activities are unique, high quality standard and tailored to your special requirements.

We have divided our corporate activities in two types: Events and Trips.

1. Events:

Outdoor easy and short trips in the surroundings of the head quarters of the company with comfortable gourmet finishes in special places surrounded by nature and great views.

These are great to celebrate the finish of a period or as a reward to your team for an accomplishment of the goals.

2. Trips.

Outdoor expeditions from 1 to 4 days out of confort zone. Even though we use the best equipments and logistics the team will have to deal with climate, sleep in tents, cook and help with the logistics. To accomplish the goals, the group has to act as a team organizing the tasks, using effective communication and delegating responsibilities in each other. Every day the group will have a groupal feedback to analyzing performance and try to improve it